Tips for Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media Management in Bellingham, WA

Feature business: Bostec Inc.

Here’s an interesting stat to ponder: Seventy-five percent of adults who use illegal drugs have jobs. Not surprisingly, this is a frightening prospect for human resource managers everywhere. Especially when it comes to employees with dangerous jobs or who are...

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Branding 101

Is your company trustworthy and reliable? Hip and edgy? Experienced? Forward-thinking? Your brand is what conveys these ideas to customers. It makes promises that your business backs up every single day; your brand is your reputation. Where this can go wrong with...

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Feature Business: Custom Concrete builds a future

Skilled trade workers are in short supply. The next 15 years, in fact, are expected to be marked by a general labor shortage in the United States, which might be bad news for employers but perhaps great news for anyone looking to begin a career right out of high...

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