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Better writing for the web: Part two

Quick question: You’re writing an email to your mom. Which of these two sentences do you type out? “Good morning mom.” “Good morning, mom.” Which is right? Could it be either one? Does it even matter? It does. No matter what your friends might tell you, commas are not...

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Read this before leaving another negative review online

Imagine what life would be like if you were under constant scrutiny. Imagine living in a world in which people are always watching you, waiting to pounce on your first mistake. What would your days feel like if you knew people would publicly complain about your work...

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Better writing for the web: Part One

Writing. It may not be your strong suit, but odds are you’re having to do it anyway. Perhaps your boss has asked you to take over the company blog. Maybe you’re running a small business and you’re in charge of all email correspondence and social media posts. However...

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